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Chapter 2
Red cried out and Blue let out a yell. Vio jumped a little and even Shadow stopped laughing."Who turned out the lights?" Red asked.

           "Well I couldn't have." Blue said, as Red was squeezing him too tight for him to move. Shadow put his arms up innocently.

          "I'm all the way over here, so I didn't do it." he said. Vio shook his head.

          "Wasn't me either." he said, getting up and feeling his way across the room to find his bag. He picked it up and rummaged through it, pulling out a small LED book light. Flipping it on brought relief to the four boys.

          Vio looked around. "Looks like the whole areas out of power." he said, looking out the window and seeing that there were no lights on down the street.

           "Well that's just great," Blue said, "that means we won't have power till morning at least!" Red looked around the dimly lit room.

           "Hey guys..." he started.

           "Yeah?" Vio asked.

           "Where's Green?" Red asked. Vio flashed his light around the room.

           "He's not here." he said.

           "Then where is he?" Shadow asked. Blue's ear twitched a bit.

           "Guys pipe down!" he said, and the room went quiet. He strained to hear, but there was a strange noise coming from the kitchen. He motioned for the others to quietly follow him and he led them into the kitchen.

         They entered the kitchen in a line, Blue leading, followed by Red, Vio, and Shadow. They all looked around the room. Blue felt something warm on his boot, and when he looked down, he dimly saw that he was standing in a pool of warm, thick liquid.

        "What the heck!?" he said, stepping back and tripping over Red's foot. Vio caught him before he fell and, once Blue was standing again, shone his light at the floor. They all gasped. Blue's foot was covered in deep red blood. Red nearly screamed, but Vio covered the boy's mouth.

         "If you're too loud, they may hear you!" he whispered so that the boys could hear.

        "Who'll hear?" Red asked.

        "The people who left that on the floor." Blue said, pointing at the place he had stepped. Shadow started going through drawers. He rummaged around until he found a flashlight. He checked to see if the batteries worked, shining it on the floor. The blood lead to the cabinet under the sink. Vio walked over to the sink and opened the cabinet doors. Nothing but cleaning supplies and piping.

       "Nothing." he said, closing the doors and returning to the others. "Let's go back to the living room." he said. The others agreed and returned to the other room.

        Walking into the living room, the boys all sat down. Vio and Shadow sat on the couch, and Red and Blue sat in the chair.

         "Guys... I'm scared." Red said. Blue nodded.

          "Yeah this is starting to creep me out a little."

          "We need to find Green fast." Vio said.

           "He probably went to the bathroom for a drink or something and stayed in there," Shadow said, "he'll be back any minute now."

           "Then whose blood was on the floor?" Blue asked.

            "Whoever it belongs to, it's not Green's! I saw him get up a few minutes into the story." Shadow replied. Vio got out his cell phone and started pressing buttons on it. Putting it up to his ear, he waited patiently.

           "Who're you calling?" Red asked. Vio put a finger to his mouth.

           "Green of course." he said. The boys faintly heard The Song of Time coming from upstairs. Vio hung up before Green's phone could start playing the recorded message.

           "So he went upstairs to go to the bathroom?" Vio asked, getting up and walking over to the stairs. Shadow shrugged and followed. Red followed Shadow and Vio, but before Blue could join them, he was grabbed around the waist and his mouth was covered.

            "Mmmmmph!" he tried yelling for help, but the other three didn't notice that their blue-clothed friend was no longer with them.

             As the trio walked upstairs, Vio called Green's phone once again. The same song played, a little louder as they were closer. Reaching the top of the stairway, Vio led the way down the hall. There were two doors on the right, and one on the left. These rooms were mostly used as bedrooms, as the boys had many sleepovers and had decided it would be easier to have bedrooms for when they came over rather than them always bringing their own bags. Red and Blue normally shared the room farther down the hall on the right, Green slept alone in his room on the left, and Shadow and Vio would share the room closest to the stairs. The phone was apparently in Green's own room, so the boys tiptoed down the hall, trying not to make any noise, and went into Green's room. Shining the light around, Red saw that Green's phone was on his bed.

          "I found it!" he said, picking it up.

          "But where's Green?" Shadow asked.

         "What the hell do you think you're trying to do sneaking up on me like that!?" Blue asked. Green was standing across from him in the living room.

         "Well sorry! This was all Shadow's idea! Now hush! This is your job." he said, whispering in Blue's ear what to do next. Blue crossed his arms, hating to be bossed around, but reluctantly went upstairs.

          'Something's not right....' Vio thought, looking around the room. "We're missing Blue." He said aloud.

          "What? But he was just with us!" Red said. Suddenly, the three heard a noise coming from Red and Blue's room. 

          "What's that?" Vio asked. Red gave Vio the flashlight and took his book light.

         "I'll go check it out." He said, trying to look brave.  Shadow nodded and sat down on Green's bed.

         "Well… if you want to I guess you can." Vio told him, seeing that Red was trying to be strong. Red nodded and walked out into the hall.  He looked around in the hall and went to his room, where the thumping noise continued. Walking into the room, he shone the light around. The door behind him slammed shut and he squealed a bit. He turned to the door and was caught by someone.
          "Shhh! Don't worry it's just me." he heard, recognizing who it was. He nodded and the hand was removed. Blue whispered in his ear what to do and left the room, walking to Shadow and Vio's room. Red ran over to Green's room and banged on the door.

           "Vio! Shadow! Open up!" He cried before running and quietly heading downstairs.

          Vio heard Red and ran to the door and opened it quickly, but no one was in the hall. Vio sighed, closed the door, and sat down on the bed again.

          "Looks like it's just us now." Shadow said, laying down and putting his hands behind his head. Vio shone the flashlight in Shadow's face, causing him to sit up and rub his eyes, his night-vision now ruined.

           "What was that for?" He asked.

           "Are you not concerned? Green, Blue, and now Red are all gone. Who knows which of us is next." Vio replied. Shadow shrugged.

           "Who cares? Our time will come when it should, whether it's tonight in this house or if it's fighting Ganon." He said.

          There was a thud heard from downstairs.

          "Did you hear that?" Shadow asked. Vio nodded and got up, Shadow following. Walking into the hallway, they began to descend down the stairs. Someone reached and grabbed Shadow my the arm, and he stopped.The two boys returned to Shadow's room for the final part of this plan.

          "You ready?" Blue asked Shadow. Shadow nodded and morphed an area on his shirt to look as if he had been stabbed with a dagger. Blue watched and winched a little, as it was rather unusual for a person to be able to do that. Shadow laid himself on the floor and got into position. Blue left the door slightly open and quietly went downstairs.

          Vio was looking around downstairs when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He swung around and hit Blue on the cheek with the flashlight. Blue fell on the floor. 

          "Ack! What the heck was that for!?" Blue asked, rubbing his cheek and standing up.

         "Sorry Blue! Are you ok?" Vio apologized.

         "Fine, no thanks to you." Blue mumbled.

         "Where did you go off to?" Vio asked.

        "Well, this dude grabbed me and held me back," Blue said, "but I overpowered him and ran to find you guys. And now here I am."

           "Hang on... where's Shadow?" Vio asked, looking around.

              "You came down alone." Blue told him, crossing his arms.

              "But he was right behind me…" Vio said slowly. He ran back upstairs, not waiting for Blue to follow.  He ran back to Green's room, found no one there, ran to Red and Blue's room, found nothing again, and finally to his and Shadow's room. He froze as soon as he entered, seeing Shadow lying on the ground with a dagger in his chest.

          Vio ran into the room and kneeled by shadow.

          "What did they do to you…" he said quietly. There was no answer from the shadow. "This was all because of that stupid book. Why did you read it, Shadow, why?" he asked the lifeless boy.

           Again, there was no answer. Vio got up slowly, and went to the door, as he was closing it behind him he heard something from inside the room. What was it….no…was it…giggling?

           Yes it was! Vio turned and walked back into the room to se none other than Shadow himself sitting up and laughing.

         "HAHAHAHA! YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN YOUR FACE!!" He said before bursting out in laughter again. Thumping came from the stairs as Blue, Red, and Green came into the room. Green seemed angry.

         "Shadow! You ruined it!" He said angrily. Blue turned to Green.

        " But why didn't you fill us in beforehand? You freaked the heck outta me downstairs! " he yelled.

        "Because if we had told you we woulda had to have told Red and we all know Red stinks at keeping secrets." Green replied. Red smiled a bit, then realized it was an insult.

       "Wait… hey!"  he said. The other three laughed.

          Vio was still a bit upset.

         "So why'd you do this to me again?" he asked, tapping his foot. Shadow stood up and morphed himself back to normal.

         "Because you skipped on us to finish a stupid book." He said. "it was just that easy to do. I must admit, the storm causing the power outage was pretty sweet considering it was unexpected, but the rest of it was all me and Green." He said.

         "And the blood in the kitchen?" Blue asked.

         "I put some water on the boiler and added food coloring to make it look like blood," Green explained, "then added some thickener to make it like blood. While Shadow told the story, I went to the kitchen and spread it on the floor."  He finished.

           Vio shook his head. And looked at his watch. " It's almost midnight already." he said. Suddenly, the lights flashed on.

          "Hey the powers back!" Red said happily.

,         "Let's go back downstairs and clean up the blood." Shadow said, starting downstairs. The four heroes followed.

The boys stayed up until about four in the morning., except for Red, who fell asleep quickly. The four others played awhile on the Wii, then played a game of 'Truth or Dare' followed by another, but not nearly as scary, ghost story from the book Shadow had. Then they had a snack and retired for the night. When they woke up, they ate some breakfast and messed around the rest of the day. Little did they know what was in store for them.
Chapter 2 is now complete!
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Thanks for reading! hope to see you uin the next chapter! :D
Illustration by: :iconemeraldyoshi: [link]

(c) The Legend of Zelda
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